What's it all about?

The last years have seen a lot of changes in tobacco legislation in several countries. Some have outlawed smoking in public premises completely, whereas others have created complicated regulations.

With respect to smoking in bars, the situation is often not clear or confusing because of the exemptions that some of the tobacco laws allow under specific conditions.

SmokeOrNot is a database that lists the "smoking status" of bars and allows you to select the kind of bar you prefer.

Legal stuff

Copyright and license

Copyright: © 2009-2010, gregor herrmann, gregor+smokeornot@comodo.priv.at, Innsbruck, Austria

License: both source code and contents are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3.0, or (at your option) any later version.

Third-party copyright

The original smoking/non-smoking icons are taken from the website of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer Österreichs). I didn't find any explicit copyright/license notice neither on the page nor in the PDF itself but I assume that the pictographs are put in the Austrian equivalent of the Public Domain.

All other icons are taken from the gnome-icon-theme collection, please check the information about copyright/license in the copyright file of the Debian package.

How can I contribute?


Just enter new bars or update the information on existing ones. In order to make SmokeOrNot a success the database needs many and accurate entries.


If you want to hack on SmokeOrNot grab the source from the subversion repository:

	svn co http://svn.toastfreeware.priv.at/projects/smokeornot/trunk

or take a view at it at


Technical note: SmokeOrNot uses Catalyst (with HTML::FormFu, DBIx::Class, Template Toolkit, ...).


I'd love to see SmokeOrNot in more languages. If you'd like to translate it into your language just grab the files from the repository and mail me the new .po file.


What is a "bar" in this context?

Every kind of publically accessible place that serves food and/or drinks, i.e. bars, pubs, restaurants, cafés, discos, clubs, ...; whereever you would "go out" to.

Where are the "Web 2.0" features?

SmokeOrNot basically is a database, and it's about facts and not about "community" or "interaction". I don't think there's any added value to that purpose if user Alice47 logs in and comments on user Bob11's entry while reading messages from user Eve08 and rolling her eyes on Mallory15's avatar.

For fans of Javascript/AJAX there's at least autocompletion in the search field :) And SmokeOrNot also offers an RSS feed.

Where can I add countries?

You can't, there should be more than enough (ISO3166) available :) But don't hesitate to contact me if you find errors.

How can I delete bars/cities/countries?

You can't, cities and countries usually don't go away that often; maybe I'll add a feature to remove closed bars if there's some need for it.

I'd like to have feature XYZ!

Just send me an email, preferrably with a patch, and I might consider to code/include it.